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Tempur Pillow Protector

Invest in a Tempur Pillow Protector for All Tempur Pillow Styles

We love sleep and know how important it is for our health. As a company, we want to make sure that you have access to tried-and-tested sleep stuff. Tempur pillows are high-end, made to reach top quality standards, and they last for many years. Theirfoam has temperature regulating properties and adapts to your shape and weight to provide comfort and support all night.

With these yummy benefits in mind, it makes sense to protect your pillows with more than a pillowcase. Find a Tempur pillow protector for all the styles of pillows that we supply.

The Advantages of Using a Pillow Protector

Pillow protectors don’t just prolong the lifespan of pillows by preventing regular wear and tear: they provide other forms of protection and add to a supportive sleeping environment. Life has become such a rush, hasn’t it? A protector will keep your pillow clean for longer, allowing for less-frequent washing or dry cleaning and less-frequent replacement.

Knowing what can seep into your pillow might creep you out a little, but that’s why we recommend pillow protectors. A few reasons why:

  • Pillow protectors prevent moisture, stains, and fluids from penetrating the pillow, which can otherwise lead to mould or mildew. They also prevent oils and dirt from your hair and face from seeping into the pillow.
  • They stop dust mites, bed bugs, and bacteria from getting into the pillow and breeding, which in turn helps to reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies, making the protector hypoallergenic.
  • Pillow protectors slip easily over the pillow and zip up to remain snuggly, which also makes them easy to remove and wash.

Products We Offer to Aid in a Good Night’s Sleep

We want you to have the GOAT sleep—Greatest Of All Time. We believe that you can by using the special products that we supply. Our Australian-made Beauty Sleep range with magnesium and lavender includes a balm, spray, and wash. The combination of magnesium and lavender may help to relax you as you ease into a peaceful sleep.

  • To get good sleep, you need a comfortable and supportive pillow. We stock a wide range of the Tempur range, including the Comfort Pillow Cloud, Millennium, Symphony, Long Hug, and Ombracio for those who like to get comfy on their stomachs.
  • We have accessories for the Tempur pillows, including silk pillowcases, a Tempur Cloud pillow protector, and a Tempur-fit Ombracio pillowcase.
  • Ready for a little adventure? For all your travels, we have Tempur travel pillows, Tempur neck pillows, and Tempur travel sets that include a lightweight travel mattress topper and a small pillow.
What You Should Know About Our Tempur Pillow Accessories

The silk pillowcases have zipper closures that help keep the fabric in place while you are sleeping. The silk even lessens frizzy hair in the morning, and thanks to its antibacterial properties, it may even play a role in reducing acne breakouts. Made from 100-percent pure and natural mulberry silk, the fabric is hypoallergenic and has thermoregulatory properties—simply perfect for all seasons.


Contact us if you need help finding a specific pillow, accessory, or silk pillowcase in a custom size or different colour. Let us help you have the GOAT sleep, every night!