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Tempur Pillowcase

Demystifying Tempur Pillowcase

Tempur is developed and produced with you in mind. Your sleep is important to us because we understand that a good night’s rest is vital to managing the madness of your day. Tempur pillowcases will add to your rest with their light, breathable material. Tempur is in a league of its own: design, quality and range, all with comfort in mind.

The Importance of Pillow Cases

Some things we do are passed down through generations. We learn from our parents to put on clean pillowcases regularly. The thinking behind it? We discuss it here:

  • A pillowcase firstly serves to protect the pillow and to help extend its lifetime. Having a tempur pillow cover on keeps it fresh and clean.
  • Natural oils from our skin, scalp and hair together with excess moisture, hair products, lotion or make-up are rubbed off onto the pillowcase every night: this can build up over time and may lead to a breakout on your skin.
  • Allergies are a source of worry for some of us; a clean pillowcase can help protect against dust mites.

Different Pillow Cases to Choose From

We’ll briefly discuss five different materials from which pillowcases are made, each helpful in its own way.

  • Cotton is a natural fibre; it is breathable, durable and soft. While polyester is wrinkle-resistant and lightweight, it is made of microfibres and holds body heat for a warmer pillow.
  • Spillowcases may reduce fine lines and wrinkles; it is a soft, smooth surface and is known to tame frizzy hair. Satin is synthetic microfibre, while silk is a natural fibre, and it holds the same benefits but can be costly.
  • Flannel is soft and cosy and better suited for colder temperatures as it holds heat. It may, however, make frizzy hair worse.

It is a delicate balance: noise levels, pillows, pillowcases, fresh air, linen – each adding a little to achieving a good night’s rest. Whatever your bedroom routine involves, make sure you choose wisely to make the sweetest dreams last longer.